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Friday, May 9

"Eminem" by Gabi

I luv seeing the poster of u, that I have on my wall
My heart starts to pound every time I hear u sing
If I ever touched u I think I would faint
I just luv the smell of u'r axe, that I would knw if u'r near
I totally luv u'r taste of rap music
Especially u'r song "lose u'r self"
Oh! By the way u'r my favorite rapper!

"My Friend the Clown" by Anabel

I was at the circus last night
It was really dark it didn't have light
I was so excited because a clown was flying a kite
Then I asked myself how clowns can fly a kite in the night?

When I was getting home I saw someone walking
I went to that person without even talking
He looked really sad like if he was hiking
I told him wait but he still kept walking

It was a clown
He didn't look excited like if he had a crown
His pants were all ripped with color brown
I thought that he wasn't a happy clown

Then he finally stopped and said, "who are you?"
I said, "I am Lou"
Then I said, "who are you?"
He told me his name is Blue.

Then I said, "Why are you sad?"
He said, "because people think I'm bad"
Then I said, "Blue. I like you if you are sad or mad"

I went home because it was too late
My friend the clown was no happy
Everyone is happy
Including me that i made my friend the clown

"Elvia Haiku" by Sonia

Elvia has style
She always has awesome clothes
She is my best friend

"Star Haiku" by Sonia

It was the best star
Always shining like the sun
I wish I had it

"Cinquain" by Gabi

Complicated, Boring
Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying
Failure, 0,0,0, Frustrated

"Diamante" by Sonia

Round, Hard
Playing, Throwing, Passing
Jerseys, Numbers, Balls, Players
Running, Passing, Kicking
Round, Smooth

Thursday, May 8

"War" by Thai

Hearing the sound of fire
In this battle we'll grow tired
But we fight for our land
At the end we hold hands
Although we lost the ones we love
But we try to come out above
Some might run and hide
But in the end we will not die

"The Squirrel" by Marco

There once was a squirrel named Bill
The squirrel was ill
When he fell out of the tree
Trying to grab a nut

Then he went crying to his parent's house
In the house he saw a mouse
His parents asked him what happened
He said nothing

From now and then he never climbed trees
He ate cheese
Bill said that he was never going to climb trees
But he did and he fell again

"Hilda" by Elvia

There once was a girl called Hilda
She was ready for the first day of school
Scare and excited waiting to see new people
Intelligent and smart in math

Hilda loved to dance
Rap, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, etc...
Dancing to the music in a mini dress
Hilda is shy in school
Hyper with friends or in dances
It's like two characters inside of her

Hilda went to math class unprepared
The teacher huffed and puffed
Red faced ready to explode of anger
Only her tenth day and unprepared
It was not a good feeling
Math is not her favorite class

Hilda went home to eat chocolate
Only that calmed her down
She was scared
The next day brought some iced water
It was for the math teacher
Math teacher drank it
Now she is not red

Now Hilda always brings iced water
So when she's unprepared
Math is still her favorite class
She's still got the intelligence
That's how she solved her problems

"Watching TV" by Gabi

Watching TV is like relaxing after a long day of school
It's like having your own world somewhere else
Watching TV is fun, but some adults don't understand us
But we don't listen to them anyway

Watching TV is like seeing something that you enjoy watching everyday
Instead of doing homework all day
Watching TV is something that we as teens really enjoy
But parents will never get!

"English and Spanish" by Gabi

Speaking English it's kinda fun
Once u knw wt's dn
But sometimes hard
Cuz u dn't knw wt to say, so u might get scared

Speaking Spanish is awesome!!!
Cuz they dn't knw wt u'r saying so its mystery undone
But once u get it real u will learn the drill
U! knw that's how we feel

I hate being a bridge between home and school
Cuz I feel like a fool
I speak Spanish at home and English in school
It gets pretty annoying Cuz I go back and forth like a tool!

"Sabrina Haiku" by Sonia

Sabrina is cool
She's the bomb at school and home
She is never bad

"The Cutest Star" by Sonia

There once was a star, the cutest of all
She didn't think she was important because she was small
Then one time she met another star at the sky
His eyes were about to cry

Then they met and they had a crush on each other
Until one day she saw his mother
His mother was a mean star
When she saw them together she took the star far away

Star stayed alone and sad
She started thinking that life was bad
She never will fall in love again
But she still feels her heart is dragged by a chain

"Scary Sounds" by Gabi

I hear scary sounds when I'm alone
That I can't wait when my parents get home
I hear scary sounds when I'm going to bed
That I even think there's a monster under my bed
Sometimes I even think that my parents are one of them
But maybe I'm one, too! Who knows?

"1st Period Haiku" by Anabel

Ms. Cragun is fun
Marco is too annoying
Ms. Frazier is cool

"School Haiku" by Anabel

School is really fun
The subjects are not too hard
Teachers are so cool

"Bully Haiku" by Marco

Bullies are so mean
They brake the chairs when they sit
Ana's a bully

"Puppies Haiku" by Marco

Puppies are so cute
Puppies teach the teachers work
They like to eat steaks

Tuesday, May 6

"Passed Away" by Thai

Up the hill where he lay
Surround his grave people pray
Everyone dress in black
We all know he won't come back.
Hope he goes in peace.
Now he's gone people do care
But where were they
When he decided to take his life away?

"The Great Blue" by Thai

Walking beside you with my bare feet
Waving at me was the coral reef
Splashing every where
Flying fish jumping from here to there
On a hot day people will care
A different world is inside of you
That's because you are the ocean blue

"Mi sueno" by Ana

Cuando a tu lado estoy me siento protegida y sin temor, quisiera que ese momento nunca terminara y que siempre pudiéramos estar así y rodeados de mucho amor

"Amor de verdad" by Ana

Nunca había sentido nada por nadie en mi vida, siempre creía que a mi corazón nunca nadie llegaría, que me quedaría sola sin amar algún día por el resto de mi vida, que nuca llegaría alguien a mi vida a cambiar esta triste agonía.
Hasta que un día como hoy llegaste tu mi amor, quien todo al instante cambio por que me brindo todo su amor.
Alfonso del alma mía si tan solo supieras que yo te quiero solo a ti, que no me importa nadie más por que todo mi amor es para ti.
La Cañada es mi casa por que dios lo quiso así, Guanajuato es mi estado por que pertenezco allí, México es mi país por que yo allí nací y tu eres la persona que me hace tan feliz cada ves que esta junto a mí.

"Por que eres solo tú mi amor" by Ana

Tú eres como el aire que respiro que no puedo dejar de inhalar
Eres el agua que bebo y que no puedo dejar de tomar
Eres la brisa de la mañana que no puedo dejar de mirar
Eres el hombre de mi alma que nunca podré olvidar
Quiero que sepas que siempre en mi corazón has de estar

"Great Wind" by Thai

Howl in the air
With this force you do not care
When you feel you will not fear
Waiting until it blow in your hair
For others it will be in their beard
Where ever you are
The wind will be there

"The Dance and Basketball" by Sonia

The dance was the bomb
So cute
Like a prom
No boys wore a suit

Rocking out the night
My buddies were cool
PSHUUUU was tight
Not like in school

Played basketball Yes
Couldn't quit dancing
Was like a mess
Everyone was glancing

Friday, May 2

"My Pet the Tiger" by Ivan

My pet the tiger
He was just laying there
I got home he had so much energy
I could smell my Mom's delicious food before I walked in
I got inside my pet the tiger jumped up with so much energy
I told him that I was going to take him out after I was done eating
He could see that I was eating
but he begged me to take him to the park
He was laying down I touch his furry back and told him let's go
I was talking to my friend that he was getting fat and he heard me
So my pet the tiger started to run
My pet the tiger did this everyday from now on
So after a week he was built

"The Tree" by Anabel

It is really tall
It doesn't bounce like a ball
I can hear the leaves with the air
Trees don't have hair

Sometimes trees feel sticky with sap
You can find trees on a map
If you taste trees it will taste bad
Trees are never mad

I can smell the air from trees
The oxygen that I need
Trees are very important
I can hear doves sing up in the tree

"The Beach" by Marco

You touch the warm water
The sand is soft

You hear people talk
You can hear the waves crashing

You can smell the food in the air
You can smell the sunscreen

You taste the salt in the water
You can taste the mud

You can see sharks coming for you
You see kites in the sky

"Middle School Dances" by Miss Frazier

Middle school dances are so much fun
I get sad when they are almost done

The kids are very enthusiatic
Boys try hard to be romantic

Girls running all over giggling
Everyone's little tushie is wiggling

Sweet odors of fresh baked cookies fill the room
Music begins to blare with a loud boom

As the night goes on the humidity rises
Students line up for games to win prizes

Chaperones' heads begin to throb
Students surround the DJ like a crazy mob

Cute little couples secretly hold hands
Dancing all over jamming to the bands

Fruity punch is super refreshing
Keep a close eye out for unwanted caressing

"Cobra in a Bottle" by Tony

It looks long and has a wide neck
It has two eyes and doesn't have a beak
It has a venom tongue
It also maybe has a lung

It sounds like a SSSSSS sound
It is quiet when it moves
It shows off when it's in a groove
It is loud when it is escaping

It feels rough and has scales
It's under quite feels pale
It likes to kill and eat
Under it has no feet

It smells gross and cruel
It will not be cool
It smells dirty
It is never flirty

It tastes gross and hard
It is not smooth as a card
It tastes like dirty mud
It tastes dirty and wrong

"Meeting Pee Wee" by Elvia

The singers all looking cool
Dressed handsome as how they like
Walking on the red carpet
Everyone screaming in hopes
One of them will fall in love with a girl from the audience
People all squished pushing each other
Eager to see the special one
The young hot one just by seeinghim makes me hot
Everyone smells good but different scents are all over
Flowers, Axe, and other perfumes
I couldn't believe it
He the special one called Pee Wee talked to me
I could feel his soft hands
I could smell his cologne, not just any
but a good smelling cologne called attractive cologne
It smelled so good I turned red in love
He told me to meet him backstage
After the perfomance
I was looking forward to it
I was standing there hearing him sing
His music is soft sweet music to my ear
I saw him staring at me
He gave me a sign to go up on stage
I didn't feel like it but still went
Everyone was jealous
I was happy
In love
Finally the end of the performance
He aske me on a date
The most expensive restaurant
We ate good yummy food
Now we're friends
My dream had come true

"Chris Brown (HOT)" by Sonia

He seems so cute
I see him and he makes me smile
He smells so good
Like cologne not like any perfume

He seems so cool
I wish I could touch his hand
Then I hear him sing (no air)
I'm in a concert OMG

The third day we go out
We eat ice cream it tastes good
It was all a dream
I hope it comes true

Thursday, May 1

"Ode to the Roller Coaster" by Miss Cragun

Some days I am...
incapable of not smiling
Other days I am...
incapable of smiling
ready to take on the world
because I just don't care
on top of my game
not sure if I'm doing the right thing
Most days I am...
riding a
roller coaster
of emotions
knowing that you're around to ride with me
and I with you

"Lonely" by Gabe

I am lonely, lonely, lonely
So lonely, lonely, lonely
Really lonely, lonely, lonely
So much lonely, lonely, lonely
OMG really lonely, lonely, lonely
No LOL cuz I'm lonely, lonely, lonely
This is my poem called lonely

"The Mall" by Marco

It looks like a big forest

You can hear the crowd yelling

It is very delicious

You can smell good food in the mall

The clothes are soft

The bags are sometimes heavy

"A Rose" by Anabel

It feels really soft
It smells really good
What can it be?

A rose would be it
With horns on the stick
With leaves really green

A rose that can fall you into love
With someone you like
With the figure real pretty

A rose with colors on every leaf
And their leaves really soft
The rose would be the flower of love

"Friendship" by Gabi

Friendship is sharing your problems with someone
Friendship is having good times
Friendship is having problems
Friendship is getting mad at each other
Friendship is sharing laughter
Friendship is getting in trouble
Friendship is helping each other
Friendship is telling rumors

Wednesday, April 30

"Some Days I Am" by Ivan

Some days I am nice
Some days I like to eat rice
Some days I am catching mice
Some days I think twice
Some days I get advice
Some days I am wise
Some days I wear ties
Some days I am clockwise
Some days I kill fireflies
Some days I wear pants called Levis
Some days I eat fries

"Rocks" by Miss Finley's 2nd Grade Class

Rocks here, rocks there,
Rocks, rocks everywhere.
Sparkling rocks laughing so hard.
Pointy rocks falling from the hill.
Shiny rocks swimming in the sea.
Smooth rocks cheering so loud.
Rocks are in my backyard.
Rocks everywhere in the sea and in the sun.
Rocks in the store.
Rocks in the swimming pool
Rocks here, rocks there,
Rocks, rocks everywhere!
Rocks here, rocks there,
Rocks, rocks everywhere.
Cool rocks rolling.
Shiny rocks laughing.
Heavy rocks clapping.
Rough rocks shooting.
Rocks are formed by fire.
Rocks move by water.
Rocks are great!
Rocks are shiny.
Rocks here, rocks there,
Rocks, rocks everywhere!
Rocks here, rocks there,
Rocks, rocks everywhere.
Glittering rocks laughing.
Pointy rocks shouting.
Heavy rocks stomping.
Rough rocks kicking.
Rocks are bright and dark.
Rocks are heavy and light.
Rocks are soft and some are hard.
Rocks can be anywhere!
Rocks here, rocks there,
Rocks, rocks everywhere!

"Como decirte que te amo…" by Ana

Como decirte que te amo si no me estas escuchando
Como abrasarte si no te tengo a mi lado
Como besarte si no te estoy mirando
Como logro acerté entender que te amo!!!

"Cuando tenga mi propia familia" by Ana

Mi gran pregunta en la vida a sido, cuando podré tener yo mi propia familia?
Mis padre piensan que esa pregunta esta muy fuera de la línea que aun estoy muy chiquilla, pero no se an puesto a pensar que ese asido y será mi sueno de toda la vida.
Ellos saben que yo quiero estudiar y están de acuerdo con eso, saben que quiero llegar a ser mama y no saben como logra entenderlo pero yo se que algún día ellos lo logran entender que eso es normal en la vida.

"Mama" by Ana

Madre es aquella que carga a su hijo en su vientre por tantos meses
Madre es la que cuida de sus hijos todas las besesMadre es aquella que guía por el buen camino y aconseja a los hijos sin intereses. De todo cariño madre te digo que te mereces el mejor premio del mundo por que te lo mereces.

"Para mi padre" by Ana

Siempre as sido una persona responsable e incomparable
Siempre mantienes el equilibrio más no tu carácter
Tu as sido y ceras mi padre en la persona que me apoyo al caminar
Siempre te e admirado por tu forma de pensar, tu eres una persona muy intelectual y quiero que sepas que mi gran amor por ti nunca cambiara.

"Para mi madre de su única hija" by Ana

Madre mía eres en mi vida lo mejor
Nunca soñé poder tener la suerte que me toco
Si tan solo tú supieras que en mi vida tú eres lo mejor
Nunca más dudarías de mi gran amor.
Tú eres la persona que me inspira a seguir viviendo cada día,
Tú eres la persona que me aconseja a seguir en la vida y eres la persona
Más enorme que existe en mi vida.

"El Amor" by Sonia

Cuando te conocí
Medio miedo quererte
Y ahora que te quiero
Tengo miedo perderte

Yo me enamore de ti
Eso tenlo por seguro
Que solo te quiero a ti
Amor lindo y puro

Mi pasado es triste
Mi futuro no lo se
Pero mi presente es
Que te quiero y nunca te olvidare

Que triste se ve el cielo
Cuando esta nublado que
Que triste me siento yo cuando
No te tengo a mi lado

A un ángel le pregunte
Que cual era el peor
Castigo y el ángel me
Contesto amar y no
Ser correspondido

Quisiera ser una estrella
Quisiera ser un lucero
Para ver desde arriba
Al chico que más quiero

Mi novio me dio una foto
Mi mama me la rompió
Mi boca no dijo nada
Pero mi Corazón lloro

Del cielo callo una estrella
Con siete pocos dorados
Y en cada pico decía
Estamos enamorados

Si mi sangre fuera tinta
Y mi Corazón tintero con mi
Sangre te escribiría te quiero

Nacimos para vivir
Nacimos para soñar
Y nuestro destino
Es morir y amar

Los peces piden agua
Las mariposas libertad
Y yo que soy tu novia
Pido tu sinceridad

No me importa la edad
Mucho menos la altura
Después que hay amor
Lo demás que se vaya a la basura

Cuando te conocí un
Amigo te creí pero
Nunca pensé enamorarme de ti

"Amazing Tony Poems" by Tony

Tony's poems are such a phony
If I was him I'd have to be lonely

His poems are so great it's better than grapes
His poems are so great it looks like shapes

Tony's poems are so good
It's just like him to be in a good mood

If I could be him I would be better
Except all the words would be just one letter

"Things To Do Before I Die" by Tony

Things to do before I die
I would say bye to all my friends and family
I would make sure not to say hi
I would be brave and not cry

I would be strong and not lie
I would be smart and not fly
People will maybe say bye
I will have a good heart and always say hi

"If My Best Friend Took Drugs" by Tony

If my best friend took drugs
I'd tell him to stop
I'll tell him to stop or he will pop
I'll tell him to stop or he won't get hugs from girls

"Fear" by Tony

Fear is not being afraid of a bear
Fear is not being scared
Fear is to not shave
Fear is to not behave

"Learning Something New" by Tony

Learning something new is cool
Just like playing a game of pool
Learning something new doesn't require a tool
Nothing is cruel it's just a fool

Learning something new is excellent
It's so magnificent
Learning something new is important
Learning takes no movement